Wednesday, June 4, 2008

small world

So interesting stuff...funny the way the world works.

So before I left for England, the friday before I took off I was getting some errands done and I was down at the Gateway in Salt Lake City, as I was leaving I met Glen Hansard and
Markéta Irglová
, the leads of the movie they made that got a lot of awards Once. They were on their own. I don't know if anyone knew who they were or if just no one was harassing them, but I went over and told them how much I loved the film and their music.

Talk about a small world though because last night, our group went to go see Troilus & Cressida by the Cheek by Jowl Company @ the Barbican Theatre. Which first of all, was incredible. that same Barbican center, they were there again! We were both in the same theatre building, and they were playing that night. So yeah...who knew...small world.

Oh...and something else quite funny. A few weeks ago, when I went to go see Buckingham Palace for the first time, they were doing 'The Changing of the Guard'. There was a band playing outside the palace, and we soon began to hear some recognizing tunes. Some very recognizing tunes which included the Indiana Jones know "Buh buh duh bah! buh buh dah! buh buh duh bah! bah buh dah buh bah!" And which was QUICKLY followed by my personal favorite: The Imperial March, from Star Wars. Great Britian...great job, let's play outside your Buckingham Palace Darth Vader's theme of tyranny and dictator power.

ha ha
I love this place.


Joey & Kimbie said...

Hi Elise. It's Kimberlyn Rawlings. I'm married now. I go by Kimbie. It's alot shorter. My little brother Austin is in Leicester on his mission.

Joey & Kimbie said...

Oh...I love the picture of platform 9 3/4. How offten are you in Salt Lake?